Emergency Communications for Schools

When your school has to close at short notice, or an activity or sporting fixture is cancelled do you have a quick and easy way of letting your parents know? If you are using SMS/Text messaging you might be incurring huge costs unnecessarily.  With SchoolsBuddy, our notifications are pushed to parent’s mobile phones via our Android and iOS apps, meaning

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Why SchoolsBuddy is the Best Parents Evening System

Alongside all our other modules which manage so many aspects of school life, we have what we consider to be the best parents evening system available. While many schools have opted for a standalone parents evening system, which of course works perfectly fine, we believe that we can save schools time and money by offering just the same but within

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Reducing Paper Use in Schools

Reducing Paper Use in Schools SchoolsBuddy is a fully mobile and web enabled software solution for schools of all types and size to help bring multiple functions into one simple platform.  From parent communications including paperless consent for trips and activities, to payments, afterschool club choices and allocation, and parents evening bookings.  All aspects of school life can be brought

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Using SchoolsBuddy for Parents Evening Bookings Management

Advanced Parents Evening Bookings Management EASILY SET UP AND PLAN PARENTS EVENINGS, GIVING PARENTS THE ABILITY TO BOOK TIME SLOTS WITH SIMPLICITY AND EASE. Create a group of 50 subjects in under 3 minutes! Our clever parent teacher conference software only reveals time-slots available to a particular parent, for example slots for the teacher of their child or children, so

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The best school software* just got better…

At SchoolsBuddy we are continually developing and improving our vast and comprehensive solution which we think is the best school software* available. Perfect to combine ALL non-MIS tasks, not just some, SchoolsBuddy can streamline your communications, bookings, trips, organisation, registers, after school clubs, sign ups, payments and so much more. *We think its the best school software available, but don’t just

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Global SMS Added to our Messaging Features

In addition to push notifications and emails, SchoolsBuddy now boasts Global SMS among its messaging features In case of emergencies, an SMS message really is the best way to communicate quickly and effectively; extreme weather is a good example of when this might be necessary. Urgent updates need to reach everyone, regardless of whether they have a smart phone, or

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New feature – Extra Curricular Activities Signup and Allocation

SchoolsBuddy launch brand new Extra Curricular Activities / After School Club Signup and Allocation feature When we launched SchoolsBuddy, we knew we didn’t want to stop at the features we started with. Once we perfected the organisational, communication and safeguarding elements of the software, we continued working on the interactive side. Our goal was to create a way that pupils and

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Safeguarding Best Practice in Schools

We explore some of the key elements of safeguarding best practice in schools, and how SchoolsBuddy can help Essentially, safeguarding in schools looks to guarantee and promote the safety of children. There are many examples of safeguarding best practice in schools, all of which aim to protect children from maltreatment, protect their health and development, and ensure safe and effective care.

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Making Parent Communication Digital

It’s not just pupils that are up to date with technology. Parents and teachers are hot on their heels, and we’re exploring just how technology has changed the way the two communicate. As little as 15 years ago, communication between teachers and parents relied on the child, letters, phone calls or meetings. These methods, although still around today, can be

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