Multi-purpose cloud based software tool for schools

We reduce time spent on admin tasks by at least 50%

A modern integrated approach. Easy to use and communicates automatically with parents and staff.

Our solution is both web and mobile.

SchoolsBuddy is an integrated cloud based solution for one, some or all of the following:

After School Clubs

Complete setup, signup, allocation and registers for all After School Club (CCA) Programs

School Bookings

Booking system for breakfast clubs, after school care clubs, parents evening and school dinners

Parent Consent

Send parent consent requests to allow parents to double confirm consent for a school trip or availability for a sporting fixture

Parent Communications

Use the same system to communicate at event, group, year or whole school levels without any double entry

Fees & Payments

Allow parents to pay for the wrap around care, school dinners or for any school trips on the same system with one unified balance and one click chase feature

Sports Teams & Fixtures

Our core system allows the creation of sporting fixtures & practice sessions. Also results, statistics and match reports can be recorded on the move

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Why Primary, Secondary, International and Independent schools are switching to SchoolsBuddy

Saving money by combining multiple systems into one


To reduce the number of systems in the school for staff and parents


To save time on admin of after school clubs & breakfast clubs with integrated payments


To reduce the need for paper and manual emails

extra curricular activities management software system

For all Staff, Pupils and Parents

SchoolsBuddy benefits not only the staff, but the pupils and parents of a school too. Each user has personalised information delivered to them via mobile, tablet or the web.

Only view what is important to you.

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We work with primary, secondary, international & independent schools – here is a selection of our recent customers


Organise After School Clubs, Breakfast Clubs, School Lunches, Parents Evenings, Sports Fixtures and more

Organise any team or any group of pupils in your school for any type of event.

e.g. sports team fixtures, after school clubs, music lessons, school trips…


Send parent & pupil communications about any event at any time or to any group in the school

Communicate with all staff, pupils and parents via ‘push’ or ‘in app’ notifications and e-mail.

Work efficiently and when you want to via our mobile app’s or the web.

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Do you know where know where your pupils are after the bell goes?

At all events know who to expect and record attendance via our mobile registers.

Instantly handle any emergency with ICE info, absence alerts, medical data, map locations and travel updates available in your handset.

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Developed with mobile as the priority

Organise on the move, take registers out in the field and communicate directly into the handset of pupils and parents.

Advanced extra curricular activities management through integrated messaging, signup and registers.

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