Who We Are

Founded in 2013, SchoolsBuddy founders Gary & David are on a mission…

Gary Hector | Co-Founder of SchoolsBuddy

Gary Hector
Co-Founder & CEO

SchoolsBuddy first took over my life in 2013, when chatting with David after a round of golf sparked an idea that first started as a solution for sports teams but soon developed into the perfect tool for schools.

With a technical background it has always appealed to me to help solve problems through technology, but having always just advised on tech that was already available this is the first time that I would be developing the solution.

Finding an experienced coder, Paul Ledger, set us off on a road which we have been travelling for the past 5 years. I’ve since realised there is always a new way to improve the system, a new module to build or a way to make things work more efficiently, so we never rest!

It's my mission

… to continue developing SchoolsBuddy, by listening to the schools we work with to ensure that our system is the best out there by far and the feedback we have had so far means we are certainly heading in the right direction.
David Higginson | Co-Founder of SchoolsBuddy

David Higginson
Co-Founder & CSO

When Gary and I first discussed the idea of a ‘sports team app’ in 2013, we had no idea that 6 years later we would be working with hundreds of schools across so many different countries.

Like many business ideas, we began with a desire to fix a problem that we had encountered – the difficulties in organising local, recreational sports teams, but along the way we have developed this business into a complex solution to solve far more problems, particularly in schools.

There is something hugely satisfying to see our clients using a solution that we have created and personally I love meeting potential new clients and hearing about the challenges that they face and being able to help them.

It's my mission

…to understand what schools require and try and show them how SchoolsBuddy can help them achieve this. Ultimately we want each school to acquire a useful solution while we gain a valued client.

SchoolsBuddy aims to provides schools with the most efficient and cost effective solution for a number of common difficulties.  We strive for constant improvements and growth through listening and learning from our customers.  We endeavour to maintain our personal touch with all our schools offering support and training whenever it is needed.

Our Core Team

Laurence Tondelier

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Toby Smallwood

Full Stack Developer

Mike Pawley

Full Stack Developer

Front End Developer


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Experienced Software Tester


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Katie Sykes

Customer Support & Training

Guy Grindley

Customer Support & Training

Sally Marshall

Software Support Advisor

Gary Crompton

Customer Support & Training (Asia)

Angela Rose

Marketing & Communications

Laura Scammell

Sales Executive