Module: Parents Evenings/Conferences

Time-based slots for booking of parents evenings, meetings and other timed events. Populates personal diaries of parents and relevant staff members

Our Parents Evening module allows staff to easily set up and plan parents evenings, giving parents the ability to book time slots with simplicity and ease.

Our clever system…

Only reveals time-slots available to a particular parent, for example slots for the teacher of their child or children, reducing confusion and mistakes.

Automatically populates the parent’s diary with the booked time-slot, as well as the corresponding staff member.

Allows staff to easily set up the parents evening sessions, blocking times for breaks and staff changeovers where appropriate.

Minimises errors by not allowing parents to book slots already taken, nor slots they have already booked for their other children.

What people say...

“I have found SchoolsBuddy almost life changing for managing my child’s activities, I love how all the information is in one place and it has a calendar so I can see what I have booked for the coming week. It’s a fantastic tool for parents.”

Parent, Hilltop Primary School

Parents Evening Booking Features

Quick Setup of large parents evening / parent conference program, e.g create a group of 50 subjects in under 3 minutes.
Appointments – Set appointment time, length and interval duration.
Block out appointments – Block out selected slots for staff breaks or changeover.
Staff schedules – Staff can view their own schedule from the main reception tab for any date range, not just parents evening / parent conference bookings.
Manually booking pupils – Search for pupils and book appointments manually using the same visual availability tool parents can view
Overview – Staff can view the number of booked, free and blocked out appointment slots per teacher. A detailed view of a staff member can be printed showing bookings, blocked out slots and available appointment slots.
Errors Minimised – Advanced filtering by subjects, registration class or year / grade – only display teachers/ appointments to parents that they are allowed to book.
Filtering* – Available for registration class / home room for primary, elementary or junior school, subject level filtering available for specific MIS / SIS in secondary / middle and high schools

*dependent upon integration options otherwise filtering is available at grade / year level.

Making it easy for parents

Easy to See

Parents will view appointments available in an easy to understand visual layout, with clear time slots visible for each of their children.

Ease of Planning

Parents view makes it easy for parents to plan for multiple slots where they have siblings at the same school. Parents can choose adjacent slots to minimise waiting.

Pick Time-slots

Parents can only see appointments available for them to book, slots already booked by other parents, or slots they have booked for another of their children are hidden.

Notification and Diary

Parents will receive an email confirmation of their booking(s) and their diary will be populated with the session. It is also possible for parents to print their personal schedule.

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