Module: Parents Evenings/Conferences

Time-based slots for booking of parents evenings, meetings and other timed events. Populates personal diaries of parents and relevant staff members

Our SB Parents Evening module allows parents the ability to book time slots with simplicity and ease.

Our clever system only reveals time-slots available to a particular parent, for example slots for the teacher of their child or children, so that there is no confusions or mistakes when booking.  The parent’s diary will be automatically populated with the booked time-slot, as will the corresponding staff member.


What people say...

“I have found SchoolsBuddy almost life changing for managing my child’s activities, I love how all the information is in one place and it has a calendar so I can see what I have booked for the coming week. It’s a fantastic tool for parents.”

Parent, Hilltop Primary School

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Invite Parents to Book

Parents are invited to book time-slots, often for parent’s evenings, via a SchoolsBuddy email.

View and Pick Time-slots

Parents will only see and be able to pick and book time-slots for their child or children, to minimise incorrect bookings.

Notification and Diary

Parents will receive an email confirmation of their booking(s) and their diary will be populated with the session.  Staff can print lists of the pupils/parents booked for the session.

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