Module: Secure Child Collection

Safeguarding made easy with our pin code exit for children leaving after school clubs or wraparound care

Our Secure Child Collection module helps schools to make their safeguarding procedures more robust

SchoolsBuddy has enabled a pin code exit for children leaving after school clubs, wraparound care or returning from trips.  A safe and secure pin code unique to the parent, or the parent’s nominated guardians means that children can only be allowed to leave under the care of a person entering the correct pin code.  Secure and traceable with collection reports available.

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“I am really excited about using SchoolsBuddy, it really helps with our safeguarding”

Will Penny, Assistant Head Teacher, St Laurence School

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Parents Create Code

Parents are asked to securely submit a pin code which only they or someone they give the code to will know.

Enter Code on Exit

When a parent or guardian collects a child, they will be asked to enter their pin code onto a tablet or mobile device held by the teacher

Notification and Diary

Only if the person collecting enters the correct pin code will the system approve the collection of the child who can then be given over to the care of the parent/guardian.  If the correct pin code is not entered, the school must then take the necessary steps to identify the individual by other means.

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