Module: Bookings

Use our flexible bookings module for wrap-around care, lunches and more

Save time and keep a better track of your wraparound care and breakfast clubs with our Bookings Module

Our bookings module directly integrates with our core Events Module.  It allows parents, or pupils, to book an event or club automatically adding the pupil to the attendee list, attendance register and the event or club to their personal diary. Parents or pupils on the attendee list will automatically be sent updates and notifications linked to the event/club.

What people say...

“After school club and breakfast club bookings took me the majority of my day.  In addition invoicing parents was incredibly time consuming.  Now, apart from the odd parent question, SchoolsBuddy has revolutionised this process and it no longer impacts my day at all!”

Jodie Oliver, School Administrator, Hilltop Primary School

Bookings Module Features

Automatic Communications – Booking confirmations sent and fees added (where applicable)
Double Bookings Eliminated – impossible to double book
Block Bookings Enabled – set up individual sessions or block bookings.  Consecutive days or every Monday for example.
No Accidental Bookings – pupils/parents will only see groups or clubs relevant to them so cannot accidentally book on to something they can’t attend.
Limit Places – set limits on the number of places for a club or event which will show as full when the maximum is reached.
Manual Booking Override – additional pupils can be added manually by the administration team where necessary
Automatic Attendance Registers – as pupils book on to the group or event they are automatically added to the attendance register which can be taken via mobile, web or via print out if preferred (to be entered later)
Flexible Payment Requirements – When configuring bookings, you can opt for an amount to be paid up front, anything not required up front will be added to the parent balance.

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Our Bookings Module Integrates with:

Payments Module

Once events/clubs have been booked and paid for, parents can go and check previous payments, outstanding balances using the Payments Module

Safe Exit Module

If you require safeguarding procedures for collecting children our pin-code safe exit module will integrate with the attendance list for events/clubs in the booking module

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