Module: Messaging

Automate your school communications with email, push notifications and global SMS

Our Messaging module automates many school communications reducing double data entry.  Additional messages can be generated and sent to relevant parties with ease.

When you perform certain tasks in SchoolsBuddy, communications are sent automatically to parents without the need for additional work.  For example when a parent agrees to a school trip via our consent request feature, the appropriate fee for that trip is allocated to their SchoolsBuddy balance and an email is sent to let them know.  Or if choices have been submitted for after school clubs, when the clubs are allocated parents automatically receive a list of the clubs their child has been allocated.

What people say...

“I want to say how straight forward I have found the set up so far. Your product is so far everything I thought it was and you said it was. Thank you”
Doug Angus, Electives & ECA Co-ordinator, Brighton College Al Ain

“Wow! One of the easiest things I have ever used as a parent! Great job!!”
Parent​ at Brighton College Al Ain

Messaging Features

All Delivery Methods Available – Emails and push notifications (no additional cost) and global SMS can be used within SchoolsBuddy
Tailored Recipients – don’t waste communications, drill down to only those who need to receive a particular communication, eg those on a school trip.
Travel Delays & Cancellation Notices – ensure parents are up to date with the latest information affecting their children.
Message Centre – all messages received by parents are stored in their message centre for reference.
Email Reporting – integration with our mail delivery partners allow us to notify you when email addresses are incorrect enabling you to keep your records up to date.
Non-Registered Parents – will still receive emails if they have been imported into our system via your MIS regardless of whether they have registered to use the system.
Event/Group Chat – an additional feature enables pupils only to chat within a group.  Staff members linked to the group will also receive the chat messages.
Notify Staff – staff group organisers will automatically receive communications regarding their groups and can tag in other members of staff too.
Mobile Apps – messages will also be received via push notification if our iOS or Android app has been downloaded.  Available to parents and staff

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At no additional cost, email messages are sent within SchoolsBuddy either manually to send information, newsletters and other notices to parents, or automatically to register consent, fee allocations and club or event selections etc.


At no additional cost, push notifications let parents know that there is a new message waiting for them.  Only available when the iOS or Android apps have been downloaded to a mobile device


Sometimes in emergencies, only SMS will do, maybe there is a severe weather warning or school closure for example.  SMS is available globally and will be subject to local rates (advised on a school by school basis)

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