Module: Buses & Transport

Organise complex student transport requirements with individual transport profiles and dynamic monitoring lists

Organise, track and monitor complex transport requirements, keeping students safe and accounted for

With SchoolsBuddy’s incredible school transport system, each of your students has a unique transport profile based on daily bus and travel arrangements, which can be changed dynamically when activities and other events mean the student has changes to their usual routine.  Linking seamlessly with our activities module, our transport system will show where students are at the end of the day.  Mobile monitor lists enable quick check in, with transport arrangements being quickly visible in the parent diary.

Please note: Our enhanced transport system is coming soon.  We can already account for transport within SchoolsBuddy but our dedicated transport features are in the final stages of development for imminent launch.

Transport Module Features

Our enhanced transport module handles even the most complex of transport requirements for your students, with individual profiles and auto-updates to monitoring lists when changes occur.

Organise complex transport systems for travel to and from the school site
Create individual travel profiles for students to record their daily requirements
Bus monitoring lists are auto-generated from the system and dynamically adjust to account for one-off activities and playdates
Students/Parents will see their bus times within their SchoolsBuddy diary.  These times will be adjusted depending on their location on the bus route.
Manual changes (for one-off activities or playdates) will automatically adjust the daily bus monitoring lists
Students attending after school activities or sports fixtures will remain on their usual bus list, but will be marked as not attending with information regarding their activity
Students can be checked on and off their bus by the monitor using SchoolsBuddy on their mobile device
Absentee alerts, particularly for morning pick up make sure parents and staff are aware of non-attendance
Billing for buses can be included where necessary on a daily, weekly or termly basis (requires our payments module)
Daily PDF download guards against network signal failure

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