Module: Payments

A revolution in the education payments sector

Eliminate payment errors with our event based billing

Fees due and paid are automatically debited and credited directly to a parent account for complete transparency, huge time savings, and elimination of payments made in error.

What people say...

“After school and breakfast clubs bookings took me the majority of my day, in addition invoicing parents was incredibly time consuming!! Now apart from the odd parent question or booking query, SchoolsBuddy has revolutionised this process, and now no longer impacts my day at all!”

Jodie Oliver –¬†School Administrator, Hilltop Primary School

Payment Features

Event Based Billing – Fees are added to a parent account so they can pay from their SchoolsBuddy balance
Upfront payments – Our optional upfront payments feature ensures that to book an event, a payment needs to be made in advance
Childcare vouchers – Create voucher credits against parent accounts so that when they come to pay, they can choose to do so from their voucher balance
Reconciliation – One-click chasing of late payments and real time balances at any level make fees admin a breeze
Reporting – Payment reports are clear, customisable, and accurate
Flexible payments – SchoolsBuddy payments will transform your billing, save you time, and increase revenue through upfront payments – vital when budgets are being squeezed

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Consent triggers the fee collection, making it quick and easy for parents to pay directly, and eliminating payments made in error.


Once parents make their selections these are automatically populates into the staff activities module in real time.


View fees at a group/class level, an event/trip level, and even at a pupil level. Easily view and chase late payments, too.

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