Secondary School: Case Study

University of Birmingham School Secondary School Case Study

Feedback provided by Dr Nardie Hanson, Events & Enrichment Officer

“SchoolsBuddy is a really useful system that is going to be invaluable to my role.  Most of the feedback I have received is that the system is very user-friendly from everyone’s view, mine as admin, staff for information and for students and parents.”


“When we were having students select their options in an enrichment session (1hr long)… perhaps only 5 out of the class needed assistance and the rest would have been able to do it at home!  In that hour we had over 200 students choose enrichments.”

Dr Hanson has provided detailed feedback on the time saved by implementing SchoolsBuddy to administer and organise the University of Birmingham Schools’ enrichment programme…

Main module University of Birmingham School uses SchoolsBuddy for…

After School Club Sign Up & Allocation

Allow parents/students to register for after school clubs and allocate in one-click.  The events automatically populate the student diary

Where was all the time saved?

Generating Enrichment Options

Assigning Staff, setting restrictions etc.

Used to take approximately 16 working hours and many spreadsheets

With SchoolsBuddy – just 2 working hours

Estimated Working Hours Saved

Collecting Student Choices

During class time plus chasing

Used to take around 1.5 hrs class time, plus around 3 hrs chasing and again and many spreadsheets

With SchoolsBuddy – less than 1 hr of class time, most completed their choices within 10 minutes

Estimated Working Hours Saved

Allocating Student Choices

Used to take a minimum of 16 working hours, and more spreadsheets

With SchoolsBuddy – INSTANT!  Click of a button.

Estimated Working Hours Saved

Confirming and Communicating Allocations

Used to post allocations over 3-4 days on noticeboards to give time for students to swap or choose something else had time to communicate back.

With SchoolsBuddy – INSTANT…  Email notifications to parents and students

Estimated Working Hours Saved

Taking Registers Throughout Enrichment

Used to take a minimum of 16 working hours due to complexity of old system to record attendance. This would be a manual process, including printing paper registers

With SchoolsBuddy – INSTANT! Registers created by SchoolsBuddy and can be taken by staff members in real time

Estimated Working Hours Saved

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