CORE Module: Events

Our core SB Events Module revolutionises the organisation of school sports teams and fixtures

Events are at the core of our of the SchoolsBuddy system

At the centre of SchoolsBuddy are events. The software is driven by events, which is perfect for the management and organisation of school sports, from training to fixtures. We can take mobile registers, send availability requests, and communicate with parents (and pupils where appropriate) on an event by event level.

What people say...

“SchoolsBuddy reduces the number of systems we need to manage our events and communications. This saves us time, money and enables us do so much more, we are thrilled!”

Ben Miller, IT Manager, Chesswood Junior School

Perfectly designed to organise School Sports

Send invites to events or auto populate pupils diaries
Select team or members from available pupils (optional)
Manage single or recurring events (set up a terms events in a few clicks)
Select and publish your line-up
Set up events for other members of staff
Confirm attendance at events and notify the relevant staff members if someone fails to attend
Record results, statistics and publish match / event reports
Handle absent staff by re-allocating the event to another staff member

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Event Creation

Enjoy the flexibility of SchoolsBuddy, and create an event for any kind of activity – from clubs and practices to school trips and lessons.

Request Consent

Request consent from parents for things like school trips. They can reply via SchoolsBuddy, and even add a consent message to let you know they might be late, or will meet you at the venue.

Fee Collection

Fees can be attached to events, whether they’re multi-events, a one off, require a deposit, or just need an upfront payment; SchoolsBuddy has the flexibility to cope with any situation.

Single, Personalised Diary

Functions such as bookings, payment and consent all reflect in the diaries of parents, pupils and staff where appropriate. No double entry, exporting of events, or parents having to look through school calendars. Your own relevant events automatically delivered into one filterable diary.

One Click Cancellation and Notification

Instead of having to compile a list of attendees in another communication system or send a message to the whole school, SchoolsBuddy allows quick, one-click cancellation that sends an email or push notification to parents.

Registers and Attendance

Once a parent consents, it will automatically populate their child or children in SchoolsBuddy’s electronic registers which can be taken on any mobile device, tablet or computer. Registers immediately alert staff is a child is marked absent, ensuring a speedy response in case of emergency.

Events Module Features

Flexible Event Types – Including trips, fixtures, clubs, and practices. Ask for consent or simply notify the people you want to attend
Parent Consent – Ask parents for consent and they can reply electronically
Registers and Attendance – Consent automatically populates pupils onto registers, which can be taken on any mobile device or computer
Fees – Whether it’s for a one-off event or several, Schoolsbuddy is flexible, allowing deposit or upfront payments
Organise on the Move – SchoolsBuddy has been designed to work beautifully on any device, and our staff app allows many of the great SchoolsBuddy functions, letting you organise on the move
Single Personalised Diary – Events are what make the diary happen, its functions populating the single, personalised diary of those involved.
One-Click Cancellation and Notification – Cancellation is just a one-click process, with parents receiving an email and push notification within seconds

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