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Online Payments

Working alongside our other features, SchoolBuddy links online payments with events & bookings, and can be used for all types of school payments.

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SchoolsBuddy’s school payments software offers more flexibility than a standalone payments provider.

Linked to the bookings and activities managed within your SchoolsBuddy platform, online payments can be accepted from parents in over 100 countries for large and small items including wraparound care, tickets, sports kit, music lessons, activities, trips and more. Our online payments module includes built-in finance reporting.

Key Features

Take online payments for all school bookings including wraparound care and more.


Request payments for school trips, events, activities, music lessons etc.

Linked to after school clubs and activities for easy matching and accounting.

Finance reports are available from within SchoolsBuddy for tracking and chasing.

Parent Wallet enables quick credits for cancellations without the need for refund.

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Childcare Vouchers are handled within SchoolsBuddy for UK schools.

Online Payments Features

  • Parent wallet – Credits can be received by the parent wallet to reduce multiple refunds

  • Event based billing – Fees added to a parent account can be paid from their SchoolsBuddy balance

  • Upfront payments – Ensures upfront payment in advance (where required, other options available)

  • Childcare vouchers – Voucher credits allow parents to choose to pay for care using their vouchers (UK only)

  • Reconciliation – One-click chasing of late payments and real time balances at any level

  • Reporting – Payment reports are clear, customisable, and accurate

  • Allow no-charge bookings – Use SchoolsBuddy for free events when bookings are required

  • Cap numbers – it is possible to cap numbers to an event to stop over-booking

SchoolsBuddy’s unique parent wallet system can administer adjustments and credits back to parents for discounts, cancellations, errors and many other administrative needs. SchoolsBuddy’s school payments software can also handle Childcare Vouchers in the UK.

What people say…


We’ve had some people start to use the system and it has been overall very positive. Everybody achieved what they needed to achieve and very quickly.

Noreen Howat

APEEF Ecole Jacques Prevert

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