Transport System

Create multiple bus lists for pre-school, after-school and post activities with in-app mobile attendance registers.

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School Transport System | SchoolsBuddy

Organise, track and monitor complex transport requirements keeping students safe and accounted for.

Our enhanced school transport system enables multiple bus lists to be generated from parent sign up using student records to make adjustments when involved with after-school activities. Mobile registers can be taken via the mobile app, with absentee alerts and location information for each student.

Key Features

Bus lists can be checked and attendance recorded on mobile devices by staff on the bus.


Parents use SchoolsBuddy to sign their children up to the bus they require.


Dynamic lists make changes if a child is absent or attending an after school activity.


Absentee alerts will flag if a child should be on the bus but hasn’t arrived.

Quick check feature will tell staff members where a child should be arriving from for easy tracking.

Transport arrangements are visible within the parent/student diary.

Bus and Transport System

  • Individual travel profiles – Students can record their daily requirements

  • Bus monitoring lists – Auto-generated from the system

  • Dynamic lists – Adjust to account for attendance at other activities

  • Manual changes – For one-off activities or playdates will auto-adjust the daily bus list

  • Personalised diary – Will show parents/students their individual bus times

  • Extra information – Students attending after school activities will be marked as not attending with associated information

  • Mobile attendance registers – Allow students to be checked on and off their bus by the bus monitor

  • Absentee alerts – Make sure parents and staff are aware of non-attendance

  • Parent billing – Can be included where necessary via our payments module

  • Daily PDF download – Guard against network signal failure

Our school transport system makes use of our advanced activities management module, which allows schools to manage after school club / ECA programmes.

What people say…

We are LOVING SCHOOLSBUDDY. Never have I had a large new system like this roll out so smoothly. Thank you a million times.

Clint Carlson

Istanbul International Community School