Independent School Software

SchoolsBuddy offers a complete extra-curricular management system for independent schools and independent school groups.

Used by some of the most prestigious independent schools and groups across the world, SchoolsBuddy makes management of many admin tasks more efficient, even in the largest and most complex environments.

Our modules can be combined to create a bespoke solution for your school’s requirements. We find that our customers particularly enjoy the benefits of our independent school software for extra-curricular activities management, online payments, parent teacher conference bookings and transport system.

Activities Management

Complex and varied ECA and after school club programmes can be quickly and easily set up within SchoolsBuddy, with preference based sign ups and auto-allocation in seconds. Once allocated, student and parent calendars are auto-filled with their activities and and attendance registers are auto-generated for staff to record attendance.

  • Preference based signup
  • First come first served option
  • Request to join mid-term
  • Maximum number cap
  • Manual pre-selection
  • Copy groups for next term
activity management
online payment

Online Payments

  • Tuition fees
  • Activities & events
  • School trips
  • Music lessons
  • Tickets
  • Sports kit

Linked to the bookings and activities managed within your SchoolsBuddy platform, online payments can be accepted from parents in over 100 countries for large and small items including tickets, kit, music lessons, activities, trips and more. Our online payments module includes built-in finance reporting.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our parent teacher conference bookings system eliminates double bookings by blocking adjacent times and easily handles student or parent led conferences. Adjustable appointment lengths, staff schedules and simple appointment blocking for breaks.

  • Quick to set up
  • Staff/ubject data from MIS
  • Flexible appointments
  • Minimise errors
  • Staff schedule
  • Tracking & reporting
parent teacher conferences
Transport System

Transport System

Create multiple bus lists for pre-school, after-school and post activities with in-app mobile attendance registers.

Event Sport And Trip Management

Event, Sports & Trip Management

Organise all types of school events including trips and sports fixtures from invitation to online consent, payments and attendance.

Parent Communications

Parent Communications

SchoolsBuddy’s parent communications feature email and mobile push notifications, as well as a personal calendar for each user.

Some of the Independent Schools already using SchoolsBuddy:

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