The recently launched Schools Technology department has been hard at work advancing collaboration in international education. If data is your jam, you’ll want to consider getting involved. In addition to providing Professional Development opportunities and Community Engagement we are hosting a virtual conference coming up soon!

Faria Education Technology Conference: April 6-8, 2022

The Faria Education Technology Conference is a Professional Development opportunity for academic and operations personnel interested in optimizing systems, enhancing pedagogy, and empowering the EdTech community.
Members of our community have offered their expertise on topics with fascinating titles such as:

  • “Taking the ‘Tech’ out of Tech Director: Why we must be seen as Leaders”
  • “Why don’t people love data?”
  • “Data driven decisions: Managebac, BigQuery, and Data Studio”
  • “Empower your community with tech.”

If you’d like to attend our conference, and have access to the videos of these presentations, sign up now!

Virtual Community

Throughout the Academic Year, we have been hosting a series of events, providing free peer support on some of the more technically challenging aspects of schools technology, including sessions on Systems Analysis, APIs and Data Protection. We meet every month and invite guests throughout the EdTech industry.
Join us for the conversation! We will provide a link to this event, and sign you up for all of our subsequent events.

Personal Learning Community, on Discord

Supplementing our regular events, Faria also hosts a chat community on Discord for those who share tips and techniques, or ask about best practices.
The purpose of the Personal Learning Community on Discord is to empower practitioners in their usage of technology in International Schools including, but not limited to, Faria range of products. The intended audience are those who work at a systems- or infrastructure-level capacity in schools that deploy Faria range of products, and for integrators and data managers who also work with such.
Invite link:

Data Protection Officer

If you have any specific data protection-related questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer. In addition to monitoring our own compliance and providing advice and training to our own staff, our DPO will be available to our customers and their DPOs to discuss data privacy issues.
The DPO can be reached at [email protected]. Please note that any communication with our DPO must be in English.