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How To Simplify the Payments Process

Product Updates | October 11, 2022
Payments from parents are the lifeblood of any school, whether it be tuition fees or additional payments for wraparound care, clubs, transport, lunch or any of the other extras that require either one-off or recurring transactions. Each year, the international school...

How to Improve School-to-Home Communications

Product Updates | August 29, 2022
Parents are a vital part of your school community, and effective communication with them is of paramount importance to your smooth day-to-day running. In this article, we will address the benefits of good school-to-home communications, as well as look at what parents...

Schools Technology @ Faria

Product Updates | March 29, 2022
The recently launched Schools Technology department has been hard at work advancing collaboration in international education. If data is your jam, you’ll want to consider getting involved. In addition to providing Professional Development opportunities and...