At SchoolsBuddy we are continually developing and improving our vast and comprehensive solution which we think is the best school software* available.

Perfect to combine ALL non-MIS tasks, not just some, SchoolsBuddy can streamline your communications, bookings, trips, organisation, registers, after school clubs, sign ups, payments and so much more.

*We think its the best school software available, but don’t just take our word for it, our customers do too. 

Jodie Oliver of Hilltop Primary School recently said “After school and breakfast clubs bookings took me the majority of my day, in addition invoicing parents was incredibly time consuming!! Now apart from the odd parent question or booking query, SchoolsBuddy has revolutionised this process, and now no longer impacts my day at all!”

Desiree Small of RAHA goes even further “We have actually had parents come in and say this is the best thing the school has ever done; “it’s so much easier for signing up, it’s so much easier for figuring out what my kids are doing, how to get them into activities, in the past we had to wait for some random message from some random system, it’s all under the same umbrella again” Everything is condensed for parents, it’s condensed for staff too, so to hear that it’s working not just for me but as a parent too, and to hear the feedback from other parents that it’s the best thing that we have ever done, that’s a good thing for us.”

In January we have released a number of new updates and improvements to our solution.  Some of our highlights include:

Parents Evening Bookings – are now far more booker-friendly.  We have improved the parent view so that only available and relevant slots are visible, and for parents with more than one child our system now makes it easier to plan back to back appointments.  For school admin staff, this means less mistakes and queries and more time saved.

The management of instant book events is now faster than ever with more logical options, mass event generations for multiple groups at one time.

Attendance Registers – we are now fully supporting the safeguarding responsibilities of schools by offering immediate absentee notifications when pupils are not registered where they should be.  These email notifications can go directly to parents if desired, along with the school administration team.

Administration – many improvements have been made to the way the admin team can control and use SchoolsBuddy, making it a more logical, easier to use system.  The time saved by SchoolsBuddy was already huge, but its now even better!

With a whole host of other refinements scheduled to be developed over the coming months, you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to make live up to our growing reputation as the best school software out there.