Revolutionise Your School’s Online Payments

Announcements | April 7, 2020
One of the most time-consuming elements in a school admin office has always been payment processing, but it doesn’t have to be. SchoolsBuddy’s revolutionary payments module enables schools in more than 100 countries across the world take payments in their local...

Our Response to COVID-19

Announcements | March 17, 2020
We want to let our schools know that our team is prepared to support you, our school community, in response to COVID-19. We have been closely monitoring the virus, and have been taking proactive steps to mitigate any impact to our customers and employees. We have a...

Emergency Communications for Schools

Announcements, Technology | June 17, 2019
When your school has to close at short notice, or an activity or sporting fixture is cancelled do you have a quick and easy way of letting your parents know? If you are using SMS/Text messaging you might be incurring huge costs unnecessarily.  With SchoolsBuddy, our...

Streamlining School Admin

Announcements | May 16, 2019
When we approach schools we are often told “We have a system for payments” but SchoolsBuddy is so much more than than that! We can offer all that your payments provider can offer, plus everything your communications provider can offer plus after school...

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