As we adjust to life during and after COVID-19 it is now more important than ever to move to cashless payments in schools, reducing the need for parents to enter the school building. It is a perfect moment to encourage all parents to make payments online, cutting possible transmission of the virus in as many ways as possible.

Cashless Payments in Schools | School Payment System | SchoolsBuddyWithin a school finance office, cash payments have long presented challenges, whether that is the time it takes for parents to make payments in person, or difficulty in tracking and reconciliation of envelopes of cash or reference-less bank transfers. SchoolsBuddy has been encouraging cashless payments in schools since we launched our comprehensive online payment system for schools in 2013. 

SchoolsBuddy enables schools to take control of all types of payment, big or small, including those for trips, clubs, activities, events, music lessons, lunches and so much more.

In turn, with SchoolsBuddy taking care of your online payments, you can benefit from:

  • Online payments in your local currency with using a regional payment provider
  • Payments being linked to bookings, activities and other events organised through SchoolsBuddy
  • Being able to create one-off payments for school trips, tickets and other items
  • Finance reporting and reconciliation for easy tracking and chasing
  • A single place for parents to pay, making it easy for them and better for you
  • SchoolsBuddy’s unique Parent Wallet system which enables credits on the parent account to reduce the need for refunds

For schools of all sizes, in any country across the world, SchoolsBuddy can ease the way into cashless payments for schools at a time when it is needed most. 

For a personal demonstration of our payments system please schedule a demo, or join us on our next webinar “Moving School Payments Online Post COVID-19” which is taking place on the 26th May at 10am BST.



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