SchoolsBuddy payments save paper, hassle and hours of time with effective school payment software

Revolutionary to the education payments sector, SchoolsBuddy payments bring automation, flexibility and transparency to billing and collecting fees from parents. Not only this, but they save time and increase revenue; vital when budgets are squeezed and time is precious.

Event Based Billing & Upfront Payments 

Event based billing allows you to add fees to a parent account for things like a lunch, breakfast club, school trip, concert or disco, so that when they come to pay, they do so from their SchoolsBuddy balance, eliminating the possibility of them paying for items that aren’t relevant to them. The upfront payment function allows the option to request payment in advance, for example for a school trip deposit, an upfront lunch balance, or in order to book a trip, club, lunch or ticket. Upfront payments allow you to collect more money and eliminate the need to write off delinquent/late payments. Flexibility is also possible, enabling easy billing of installation payments.

 Simple Viewing and Reporting

Fees can be viewed at group/class level, at event/trip level, and even at a pupil level. One click chasing of late payments and real time balances at any level make fees administration a breeze. The payment reports are clear, customisable, and accurate. Choose from our standard set of reports or create your own bespoke reports to ensure you reports meet your current and ongoing needs and audits.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are handled simply and easily, allowing voucher credits to be put against a parent account, so that they can pay for childcare not only via a card, but using their voucher balance.

Payments are just one of the ways in which SchoolsBuddy can save time, money and stress – request a demo today to find out how we could revolutionise not only payments, but event management, communication and safeguarding too.