Save paper, hassle, and hours of your time with our activities management software

Organising activities in schools is a notorious headache, and using traditional methods, can cost hours of precious time, resources, and patience. But at SchoolsBuddy, we’ve worked closely with our fantastic school member clients, to produce a perfect workflow in our activities management software that can automate all stages of the process and save you an enormous amount of time.


Out with paper forms, in with digital activity requests. Quick, clear, and environmentally friendly, you can give clubs a name, description, and assign them to the years and genders that they’re available for. Parents can then fill out a simple request form within the software based on their child’s profile, and once they’ve made their selections, these are automatically populated into the staff activities module in real time.

One Click Allocation

This is the mind-blowing element of this process (although it’s all pretty impressive); our unique algorithm allocates all pupils to their preferred groups, or on a first-come-first-served basis, with one click, turning a process that took many, many hours into a 60 second task. Keystone Academy in Beijing, a school that’s benefiting from SchoolsBuddy Activities software, told us “a teacher just came bouncing into my office saying ‘I love this new system!“, which is the sort of feedback that speaks for itself.


Several automatic processes follow the one-click allocation; the first being the auto-confirm to parents. The generation of the events will lead to an automatic email and push notification sent to parents, as well as the population in their events diary. Then something else amazing happens; registers are automatically generated! Not more typing in names! Quick, and reduces error considerably. These registers can be taken via the app too! You can also bill parents for the clubs if necessary, and the emails and push notifications that this generates prompts them to log in and pay electronically. Easy and efficient for everyone concerned.

This module has revolutionized the way schools can organise and manage activities, and is currently preventing those headaches in schools around the world. Arrange a demo today to find out more about how our software can save you time, money and stress.