Increased deployment choices and single sign-on security included in SchoolMessenger Passport partnership

Worthing (UK), 9th May 2017 

EveryBuddy Ltd provides schools with a solution (SchoolsBuddy) to assist with organization, communication and payment collection for any type of extra-curricular activity. This can include after school clubs, sports teams, breakfast clubs, school trips, camps and more. Key features include signup, allocation, registers, parents evening and integrated payments all via our secure web portal and mobile apps. Participation in the West Education Ecosystem program will enable Schools to easily implement SchoolsBuddy, allowing direct import of roster information while allowing simple access for staff and parents as SchoolsBuddy will use Schools Messengers single sign-on capabilities.

The West Education Ecosystem program was created to offer organizations a new avenue for piloting, promoting, and deploying web-based education products and services that help solve education stakeholders’ biggest challenges, such as researching, evaluating, and trying new solutions for their schools and districts.

West’s Ecosystem partnership initiative was launched with the release of SchoolMessenger Passport, the single sign-on and roster data account provisioning product for school districts. Since its launch, the Education Ecosystem has added a wide variety of complementary partners representing different areas of education technology. The program itself has expanded beyond Passport to include other SchoolMessenger family products, reflecting school district preferences and needs. 

“We are excited to be integrating our solution into West’s Ecosystem,” said Gary Hector, Managing Director, EveryBuddy Ltd “We know that the tens of thousands of schools that have relied on SchoolMessenger solutions since 1999 for notifications, websites, mobile apps, and social media will find SchoolsBuddy attractive, especially because of ease of deployment.”

“The West Education Ecosystem reflects innovative and market-leading products, such as SchoolsBuddy said Carmi Paris, vice president of business development. “We’re pleased to welcome SchoolsBuddy to help schools simplify their discovery and use of interesting and effective edtech products.”

About EveryBuddy Ltd

Created in 2013 by UK company EveryBuddy Ltd, SchoolsBuddy is an innovative single web and mobile solution, revolutionising activities management for staff, pupils and parents of K12 schools worldwide. Specialising in activities signups, organisation of extra curricular activities, consent requests, and parent communication, SchoolsBuddy is already saving time, money and resources in schools across the US, South America, UK, Europe and Asia. SchoolsBuddy’a activities signup feature continues to wow school staff, and the integrated cloud based system puts it at the forefront of school technology. For more information and to organise a demo, visit, or email