A single software solution that transforms a range of admin tasks in Primary, Junior and Prep schools

When we created SchoolsBuddy, we did so with an emphasis on common sense throughout the software, which is what makes it so user friendly for staff and parents. This also applies to the problems it solves in schools too, particularly in primaries, which is an area of education where SchoolsBuddy has been exceptionally well received. It makes admin a whole lot easier, transforming the working day of office staff, streamlining processes and cutting costs all at the same time.


One of the reasons SchoolsBuddy works so well for admin in primary schools, is because it combines systems that are usually separate prior to the introduction of our software. Aside from the obvious cost saving of one system versus several, office staff no longer have to juggle multiple systems and logins for things like parent communication, fee payments, and after school clubs. It’s not only time consuming to switch between different programmes to complete tasks, but it’s also a lot for new staff to get their heads around.

With SchoolsBuddy, all the above mentioned tasks can be done in one place, with extra helpful features that are included along the way. Parent communication can be conducted through push notifications as opposed to expensive text messaging, fee payments can be made in just a few easy clicks straight after consenting to a trip or club, and days of sifting through after school club preference spreadsheets is saved in just a few seconds of automatic allocation!  

Integration with MIS

cca-600px-3devicesWe understand switching to a new system can be daunting, but we’ve made the process as seamless as possible. We’ve done this by ensuring that SchoolsBuddy integrates with most MIS systems, meaning all pupil, parent and staff information will be brought into SchoolsBuddy with minimum fuss. It takes all that data and creates user accounts from it, without costing valuable man hours. Switching over couldn’t be easier.

Capita Sims, RM Integris, Progresso, Arbor, Bromcom, Advanced Learning and iSAMS are just a few of the many MIS systems we integrate with. We are also proud to be an iSAMS Enterprise Partner.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

When dealing with a large amount of data, such as Primary school pupils and their after school club preferences, spreadsheets can be understandably daunting to tackle, not to mention very time consuming for office staff. This is an area of admin that SchoolsBuddy can help with massively, with an ECA Sign Up and Management Module that comes with 1 click auto allocation.

The clear interface operates on a weekly preference based system, letting parents select the activities their child would like to (and are eligible to) take part in. Pupils are then allocated to clubs based on these preferences automatically, and within seconds. SchoolsBuddy then automatically populates the diaries of all involved, and notifies them too. It even creates the registers for the clubs. No more double booking, and no more slaving over after school club spreadsheets for weeks.

In an environment that makes many demands on time and money, SchoolsBuddy can be a huge relief for primary school staff who are looking for ways to streamline their processes and conserve budget as much as possible. All this is done without compromise on efficiency. In fact, our testimonials are proof of the time and cost savings seen already by the schools using our software nationally, and internationally.