Many schools have superb attendance and registration systems at the start of the school day, but perhaps don’t have a real handle on how their students are getting home. Students may use school buses, walk, use public transport or get picked up but do you have lists that ensure your end of day school dismissal system doesn’t let anyone slip through the cracks? 

SchoolsBuddy Transport DismissalSchoolsBuddy has developed, through consultation with many schools across the World, a unique end of day school dismissal and transport system for keeping your students safe at the end of the day. By integrating with your MIS/SIS, SchoolsBuddy can obtain daily attendance data, and will also automatically check for changes and updates to student’s usual travel arrangements including after school activities. Our end of day lists are up to date with the latest information, ensuring easy tracking for staff and transport monitors. 

If you are not sure whether your school is doing all it can at the end of the day, check if you can answer yes to all of these questions?

  1. Can you account for all your children’s transport at the end of the day?
  2. Do you have up to date dismissal lists to ensure the safety of your children?
  3. Do you know what method of transport each student will be using to get home?
  4. Do you have up to date information regarding absence or activity built into your dismissal lists?
  5. Does your transport monitor have a list that takes into consideration whether a student is absent or has been moved to the late bus to attend an after school activity?
  6. Does your transport monitor know where each student should be arriving from so latecomers can be found more easily (and check they were in attendance of that event)? Or be able to see the activity or reason for not being expected on their usual bus?
  7. Do you have separate and easily accessible lists for morning buses, after school buses and late buses?
  8. Can your monitor send alerts to the parents of each bus to make them aware of delays?
  9. Can your parents make an on the day request to change the transport option for their child to allow for unscheduled activities eg staying late to work in the library?
  10. Can your parents make changes to a particular journey (to be approved by staff), for example cancelling their bus next Tuesday and changing to parent pick up so their child can attend a party?
  11. Can your admin team make changes on behalf of parents for similar reasons?
  12. Do your end of day lists update automatically based on the diary activities of each individual student?
  13. Do your bus lists have limited capacity to ensure no bus is over-allocated?

SchoolsBuddy’s customers can be sure of all of these. A modular system, SchoolsBuddy offers a number of features to help your school processes. In order to get the most from our school dismissal system, our activities management module will help you to get sign ups and allocate activities to students which will then be taken into account within end of day lists. Late bus monitors will even be able to see which activity the students are coming from in order to easily chase up any latecomers.

Jerry Szombathy, from the Chinese International School in Hong Kong says “The SchoolsBuddy system is brilliant and the SB team has been fantastic to work with on their new Transport module. We are really excited to be implementing it this school year as it brings massive improvements to our old bus management practices and will automate a number of key functions that we used to have to do manually. We anticipate that it’s going to help us make significant improvements, and ensure that our students get safely to and from school. Huge thanks to the SB team!”

SchoolsBuddy’s End of Day / Transport module is unique, dynamic and intelligent and ready to go! Schedule a personal demo with one of our team, or join our live demonstration of the module on 15 September at 10AM BST – Register Now

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