Think of all the times you needed to collect online school payments for trips, sports kit, club fees, music lessons, transport…

With so many school payments being made, wouldn’t it be easier if everything went through a single system, whether it is a cash, cheque or online card payment? SchoolsBuddy solves many common problems related to taking online school payments from parents.

School payments cause many headaches, and these are just some of the most common…

Online School Payments - Problem Solving with SchoolsBuddy

  • Tracking cash payments takes time and errors can be made
  • Reconciling bank payments becomes tricky to match with parents and what is being paid for
  • Too many invoices to create individually for small and large amounts
  • Cancellations and swapping activities becomes hard to track and manage
  • Endless parent queries and calls
  • Chasing outstanding payments one by one takes too much time so balances are written off

But SchoolsBuddy saves admin time and reduces headaches by bringing everything into one system…

SchoolsBuddy Online School Payments System

  • All payments, online, cash or other can be tracked in a single place
  • Reporting and reconciliation built-in
  • Charges for activities, trips, etc. are auto-generated and sent to parents
  • One-off school payments can be charged to a group (e.g. a sports team for their kit)
  • Parents can see their balance in their SchoolsBuddy account and make payments
  • Multiple outstanding payments can be seen and chased with a single click
  • A credit wallet for parents means fewer refunds needed as cancellations and adjustments can be credited to the parent account for future payments
  • Mistakes, cancellations and students swapping between activities are easy to handle


SchoolsBuddy is so much more than an average school payments solution because SchoolsBuddy also manages your activities and bookings. Everything is brought together simply and intelligently. Payments are made easier, your finance team is happy and parents find it easier to navigate a single system.

The SchoolsBuddy payments module will save you time, and we would love to show you the system in more detail.  It’s available in over 100 countries using local payment providers so that your school payments will be processed and paid in local currency by your local bank. 

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