A major new feature of SchoolsBuddy, our school transport system, is a reliable and dynamic solution for the complex travel arrangements of your students.

As with all our modules, our school transport system is linked to other parts of SchoolsBuddy to create a seamless approach to organising and tracking your students’ travel arrangements in particular bus lists. These are dynamically linked to after school activities where alternative travel arrangements are required on selected days.

Students will have their default travel requirements (per day) eg. walk, drive, morning bus, after-school bus, taxi added to their SchoolsBuddy profile by your school’s transport team, with bus route information in conjunction with your bus provider.

With that default requirement set, SchoolsBuddy will then allow one-off changes to update the daily lists or will take information, such as an after school activity, to dynamically adjust the transport list for that day. See our infographic for more detail:

School Transport System by SchoolsBuddy


For more information about how SchoolsBuddy can help your school or to discuss our school transport system in more detail, please schedule a demo.

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