One of the most time-consuming elements in a school admin office has always been payment processing, but it doesn’t have to be.

SchoolsBuddy’s revolutionary payments module enables schools in more than 100 countries across the world take payments in their local currency for all types of school payment including tuition fees and micro payments such as trips, clubs, sports kit, activities and music lessons.

But what do we do differently from other payment systems?


Our unique parent wallet system is a virtual wallet within a parent’s SchoolsBuddy account. This wallet enables your finance team to credit parents for occasions such as cancelled events or a swap from one club or activity to another with a price difference. The credit showing in a parent wallet can be used against future trips, clubs or activities or for the admin team to rebook an event or activity on behalf of the parent. This means a reduction in refunds required saving time and costs.


A recent update to our payments module, mass adjustments, has been especially helpful during COVID-19 enabling multiple parent wallets to be credited where activities have been cancelled. Equally, when times are settled, our quick charge feature allows a group (or all parents) to be charged the same fee at the click of a button. Being able to make adjustments and charges quickly for one or multiple parents is perfect for these common scenarios:

  • You’ve made a mistake in the amount charged
  • A school trip has been cancelled
  • You have charged parents for the wrong number of club sessions
  • The agreed discount for a group of parents wasn’t applied
  • A student has swapped from one activity to another
  • To request an instalment of a trip balance
  • A student has left the school and you need to write off the debt



SchoolsBuddy provides an easy and simple solution to the administration of childcare vouchers within the UK. The admin team can simply log each eligible parent with the full voucher value within their SchoolsBuddy childcare voucher wallet. This enables parents to pay for childcare using this separate wallet balance and means additional spreadsheets recording a parents voucher liability are no longer required. SchoolsBuddy will keep a running balance, positive or negative, of each parent’s voucher liability.

SchoolsBuddy’s payments module is linked directly to our activities module, therefore any events, trips and clubs created in SchoolsBuddy can be automatically charged to the parents and matched, making tracking and reconciliation a breeze.  It’s also easy to chase those late payments too.

Find out more about our payments and activities modules.

SchoolsBuddy is a modular system, therefore it is possible to use part or all of our system depending on the specific requirements of your school. For more information about how SchoolsBuddy can help your school please schedule a demo.

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