Finding parent friendly school software is important to ensure both the smooth running of school processes but also to save time dealing with parent queries and errors along the way.

With many schools relying on separate systems to serve individual needs, your parents can find themselves confused as to which system or app to log in to, are likely to forget half of their passwords and end up calling the school rather than taking the time to find what they need.

Parent Friendly School Software | SchoolsBuddySchoolsBuddy eliminates the need for multiple systems, it can serve as a complete school portal offering modules including communications, payments, bookings, parents evenings, sports team organisation, consent, school trips, transport and more.  Some or selected parts of our system can be used and adapted to suit your school but importantly the interface for parents, either on the web or via our fully functioning apps is simple to use.  Many school software options require a separate login per child, but SchoolsBuddy shows all children related to a parent under one login.

When showing schools our software, because it performs so many functions, and because parents are used to logging into different places, there is often a belief that parents won’t be able to cope with the change.  While it is a big change for parents, it is a hugely beneficial change and it won’t take long for parents to love SchoolsBuddy!

Just watch this short clip from one of our schools, explaining how initially sceptical parents were very quickly won over by SchoolsBuddy!


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