Alongside all our other modules which manage so many aspects of school life, we have what we consider to be the best parents evening system available.

Parents Evening System Software - SchoolsBuddyWhile many schools have opted for a standalone parents evening system, which of course works perfectly fine, we believe that we can save schools time and money by offering just the same but within a wider solution that covers so much more.  We often find that schools come to SchoolsBuddy for our activities management capabilities, but soon roll out our parents evening system once they realise how much time it can save.  Not to mention, the grateful parents who don’t have yet another system to remember and login to.

In times of budget constraints, particularly in UK schools, our entire system can come in at less than the price of popular standalone systems which are available, with built in communications, personalised diary, trip management, online consent requests, attendance registers for events, and so much more.  Parents can even book parents evenings on their mobile phone with our iOS and Android apps.

So what does our parents evening system do?

Works directly with your MIS to pull in student, class/year and subject data so available appointments are pre-filtered for the parent before selection
Appointments for bespoke groups can also be supported which might not be covered within MIS data
Allows parents to book time-slots for one or multiple children on the same screen, showing all available appointments
Sends parents an automatic email confirming their booking or bookings
Populates the parent’s SchoolsBuddy diary with the booking or bookings (and student’s if appropriate) – this can be added to your personal diary via an ical link
Each staff member’s diary will also fill up with their appointments which can be viewed on their mobile device or printed
Attendance can be recorded and reported on after the event to see which parents did not show up to booked appointments
Staff can set their own blocked appointments to allow for breaks
Can be set up across multiple dates so parents can choose which date to attend
Reports can be generated to see who hasn’t made any bookings
Varying length of time for appointments can be supported, if some teachers want longer appointments, for example… if a 10 minute appointment is booked with one teacher, the equivalent two 5 minute slots will be blocked for selection, avoiding double bookings
Parents can make bookings via the web or on our fully functioning SchoolsBuddy mobile apps


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