If you find yourself juggling a series of different software platforms and apps within your school, causing your admin team to access multiple websites every day and your parents to moan that they can’t find the information they need – perhaps its time to rethink.

SchoolsBuddy can perform as a perfect primary school portal, bringing multiple functions together into a single place – saving you time, but most importantly, vital money.


How much do you pay for your current standalone providers?

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  • Parent Communications
  • Online Payments
  • Parents Evening Booking System



How much time do you spend on spreadsheets for the following tasks?undraw time management 30iu

  • Collecting after school club choices, allocating students and requesting money where required
  • Collating paper consent forms ahead of a school trip or event
  • Chasing payments individually, recording payments and reconciliation
  • Taking bookings and payments for breakfast clubs & wraparound care, and manually administering childcare vouchers


Working alongside your MIS system, SchoolsBuddy can combine all of the time and money saving which is holding you back.

Choose from our many modules to create your perfect primary school portal from:

Primary School Software | Sign Ups, Trips, Communications | SchoolsBuddySimple Parent Communications – send emails, push notifications (via our app), include attachments, send to just a selected group of parents, e.g. parents of Year 4 children, or parents of children in the football club.

School Bookings – allow parents to book the wraparound care they need, or places at an event. This can be linked to our payments module where required.

School Payments
– link payments to events, trips, clubs and other one-off requirements within SchoolsBuddy. Parents can see their balance easily and make payments online. The parent wallet allows for credits in the case of cancellation or change, and the childcare voucher wallet allows care payments to be made using the parent’s voucher balance. This module also includes reports and reconciliation, quick chasing of outstanding payments and more.

After School Club management
– allow parents to sign up for desired clubs using a preference based system which will then automatically allocate places in the fairest way possible. Manual allocations can also be made when required. Clubs will automatically be shown in the parent calendar.

International School Software | Activities Management, Payments & More | SchoolsBuddyParents Evening bookings
– Arrange appointment slots to suit your school, include teacher breaks and split across multiple days if needed. Allow parents to book their appointment(s) online and download a list of each teacher’s appointments, which will also be shown in their SchoolsBuddy calendar.

Online Consent 
– Collect online parent consent for school trips and other activities such as sports fixtures, ending the need for paper consent slips.  Manage groups attending trips or events in one place and communicate with just those groups.

Parent Calendar
– each parent will see their own individual calendar featuring the events, clubs, trips for their child or children.

Mobile App – Our mobile app is a fully functioning version of our web platform allowing parents to view their calendar, inbox of messages, make payments, make bookings and submit club choices. Our staff app (coming soon) will provide a mobile platform for admin functions.


Visit our website for more details of how SchoolsBuddy can provide a single solution to multiple tasks, or schedule a demo to find out how SchoolsBuddy could fit into your individual school.