When we approach schools we are often told “We have a system for payments” but SchoolsBuddy is so much more than than that!

We can offer all that your payments provider can offer, plus everything your communications provider can offer plus after school club and wraparound care sign ups/bookings, parents evening bookings, school trips and consent management AND each parent has a personal diary for their children.
And keeps Parents happy…
Since my daughter left Chesswood to go to next school, I have realised how lucky we are that you are using SchoolsBuddy at Chesswood.  Her school is using multiple systems, one for communications, one for payments, one for the calendar, and another for parents evening and others I haven’t even been bothered to view.  I am forever wondering what is going on and have had to call and email the school several times!  It’s made me realise that having everything in SchoolsBuddy has meant I know exactly where to look for the information I need, rather than emailing or dropping into the office. Having just one login for both of my children has been amazing and to simply look at my app for the calendar to see what they are doing on any given day has saved me from forgetting they have a club or sports match on a number of occasions!  Making payments, booking them onto clubs, and the other week booking my son’s parents evening appointment is just brilliant, and to see them appear in my diary after is fantastic…. I only wish my daughter’s school would take on SchoolsBuddy, I have asked them to!”
Parent, Chesswood Junior School – West Sussex
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